The raw beauty of the Southern Oregon Coast attracts a number of talented artists. As golf enthusiasts, we all fall in love with the design and aesthetics of the courses but the natural beauty of the surrounding area completes the canvas. For those who call Bandon home, it is undeniable that we all have a deep connection with this virtue of the coast.  

Louis Franyi, one of our long time rangers fell in love with Bandon back in May, 2007. While he spends most of his time helping our guests and caddies climb to the picturesque 14th tee on Bandon Trails, Louis also has a passion for photography and has an excellent eye for catching some of the South Coast’s natural beauty. Check out our interview with him as well as some of his work below.

Photography by L.E. Franyi

Foliage Along Bandon Trails No. 13

Moth on a Rhodie Flower 

Peeling Madrone Tree

Wild Flowers

October Sunsets

The Trails

Spring at Bandon Trails

Bandon Trails No. 7

Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Lou! You are a great example of what makes working and experiencing Bandon Dunes incredibly special. Keep up the great work!

Update (11/6): We received the sad news that Louis “Lou” Franyi has passed away. Lou joined our team in May of 2007 and will be remembered for his warm smile, light-hearted personality and his love for his friends, family, and community.

Lou was a long time staffer of Bandon Dunes. He worked as a ranger for over 11 years and was well known as the tram driver, helping our guests and caddies climb to the 14th tee on Bandon Trails. Lou had a passion for the Southern Coast, photography, and people. His warm personality and friendly demeanor made him a joy to be around. He will be greatly missed by the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort team and our guests.

He will definitely be missed but never forgotten.


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