Guest Makes Two Aces in One Round at Bandon Preserve


BANDON, Ore. – According to, the odds of an amateur golfer making an ace are 12,500 to 1. For casual golfers it’s the ultimate achievement. Perhaps the only thing better than making an ace is making one at Bandon Dunes. 

Now let’s take it one step farther by introducing a man that didn’t just make a hole-in-one at Bandon Dunes. He made two. In the same round!

Meet Wayne Courtney, 63, a Byron, Minn. resident who was visiting the resort with his three golf buddies and their wives. It was their first trip to Bandon Dunes.

After rounds at Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes and Old Macdonald, they concluded their trip – as many guests do – with one final sendoff at Bandon Preserve, the resort’s 13-hole par-3 course. 

Playing as a fivesome on a perfectly breezy August afternoon, the group arrived at the third tee a collective 8-over-par. Courtney, a 14-handicapper who had never made an ace in his 30-year golf career, grabbed a 9-iron and hit his shot to a front-left hole location. 

“It just sort of flew up there, bounced and rolled in the hole,” Courtney recalled with a humble chuckle. “All my friends turned to me and said, ‘Well, we know who’s buying drinks!’”

Courtney bought a round for everyone in his group at the snack shack next to the fourth tee box. Little did he know he’d be reaching for his wallet again in less than an hour.

At the 142-yard 11th hole, which is protected by a fir tree front-left of the green and is one of the toughest holes at Bandon Preserve, Courtney grabbed his 11-wood and set his sights on the back hole location.

Courtney’s fade up the left side got through the fir tree and after a favorable bounce, his ball rolled up the ridge at the back of the green and started trickling back toward the pin. Moments later it disappeared into the hole.

"My first hole-in-one after playing golf for many years, and then a second one a short time later made it unbelievable," Courtney told his local newspaper, The Post Bulletin. "Coincidentally, the ranger witnessed both aces and immediately called the pro shop and said 'You're are not going to believe this.'"

After their round, in which Courtney was 1-under-par, the couples all met at Trails End Restaurant where Courtney bought a round for everyone inside. Later that night the group went to The Bunker Bar. While they were enjoying a drink, Courtney’s friend, Dave made an announcement to everyone in the bar.

“Attention everyone,” he exclaimed. “You’re not going to believe this, but my friend made two holes-in-one today so I’m buying drinks for everyone in here.”

Needless to say everyone cheerfully obliged.

Congratulations, Mr. Courtney. We’ll look forward to seeing you and your friends again soon. Next time, let us know when you’re about to make an ace so we can bring a camera out to capture it on video.


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