Sheep Ranch Progress Update: Routing & Approximate Yardages


Sheep Ranch treasure map. We hope you find gold! 🙂

Sheep Ranch Progress Update: No. 1 - The Hydroseed Train


The agronomy team is working up the fairway on #SheepRanch No. 1, one of the last holes to be seeded. #StaffPic by Sheep Ranch Assistant Superintendent Eric Langford. #SheepWeek

Sheep Ranch No. 1

Sheep Ranch No. 3

Sheep Ranch No. 16

Sheep Ranch Progress Update: Seeded Greens


All of the phases of golf course construction and agronomy are on full display at the Sheep Ranch this summer. As Coore & Crenshaw and the rest of the Sheep Ranch team continue to work their way north, we’ve started to see pure golf links land emerge. Starting in the furthest southwest corner of the property, holes 6-10 were the first to be shaped, irrigated and seeded. Similar to how a painter avoids painting themselves into a corner, the team has since been working north up the western ridge overlooking the Pacific and are now working their way east. Prime growing conditions are providing great progress with multiple green sites and tees now settling in for the upcoming season.

Below is a quick tease of every green with grass growing. It may be tough to imagine yourself amongst the dunes, watching the waves crash against the rocks as you take on Bandon’s 5th 18-hole course, but with each sunny day that passes we get closer to playing the Sheep Ranch. Stay tuned for more progress updates, the routing, opening date announcement and more! Remember to give a big round of applause to the agronomy team as they have been working hard to bring you pure, unbridled links golf.

See you out on the links!


No. 3

The first of two approaches toward Five Mile Point, Sheep Ranch No. 3, is the first Par-3 on the front nine, providing an early glimpse of the double green. The prevailing summer wind will be coming off your right shoulder from the north.


No. 4

Recently seeded, Sheep Ranch No. 4 is a Par-4 that moves southeast away from the ocean through many diverse undulations. The location of the green is sure to be a social space where the adjacent greens of Nos. 10 & 14 are located as well as the 5th, 11th, and 15th tees. This gathering point on the course will also be the home to the course’s turnstand.

No. 5

The next peninsula just south of 5 Mile Point, is home to both the 5th green and 6th tee. Sheep Ranch No. 5 is a Par-3 that runs directly west making for a challenging crosswind when playing your tee shot.

No. 6

Sheep Ranch No. 6 is a strong par-4 with its fairway running south along the coast, forcing you to determine the best line of flight for your game. The summer wind from the north could push your ball a little further right toward the ocean, so be sure to choose a good target!

No. 7

No. 7, a short Par-3, playing directly south was featured in our No 7: A Meditation post and will contend for one of the best views on property.

No. 8

The Par-4, No. 8, is a slight dogleg right that has more room in the fairway than it appears from the tee. The green is turtle-backed and possesses some great hole locations that will challenge even the best links golfers.

No. 9

No. 9 on the Sheep Ranch is the most southern Par-4 on the property, backing up to the adjacent Whiskey Run Road as well as Old Macdonald in the distance. Playing directly west, the summer winds will help tee shots and approaches work from right to left along the natural terrain of this beautiful hole.

No. 10

Playing directly north into the prevailing summer breeze, the 10th hole is a short Par-4 with teeth that finishes up in the central section of the course. Also, as stated above it will be located adjacent to the 4th and 14th greens as well as the 5th, 11th and 15th tees.

No. 14

No. 14 a Par-4 playing south has an elevated green with a steep false edge on the left. Off the tee, it will be essential in finding the right angle into the green to be able to attack the proper hole location. This hole completes the triangle of greens that surround the turnstand.

No. 15

Recently seeded, the 15th hole is a slight dog-leg right Par-4 that heads directly west and begins a three-hole stretch of links golf beauty right on the bluffs overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean.

No. 16

It’s hard to look at Sheep Ranch No. 16, a dynamic Par-3 heading north, and not think about the amount of fun this double green complex contains. Overlooking a beautiful rock formation to the west in the Pacific Ocean, this hole is sure to get your blood boiling, challenging your focus on the shot at hand as well as taking in the beautiful scenery.


Sheep Ranch Progress Update: No. 7 - A Meditation


Coore & Crenshaw Drawing

An initial thought. That is how Bill Coore describes his hand-drawn sketches of potential hole designs at the Sheep Ranch. While the illustration above and others to follow aren’t necessarily how the holes at the Sheep Ranch will be polished up, it is these initial thoughts that lay the foundation for his team’s artistry to evolve. And evolution is all about creative freedom. As Coore has described to his associates in the field, “feel absolutely free to deviate from the design at any point you think you see something better.”

How do you think the initial thought sketched on the back of a Bandon Dunes notepad evolved into the hole you’ll soon play? Check the video below for how Hole No. 7 has been shaping up from initial thought to a sandy construction site, to the beautiful par-3 with fescue covering it today.

In Charles Schwab’s golf series “The Challengers,” Bill Coore speaks about his process as a designer and features his initial sketch in this post. Click the image below to watch the director’s cut at!

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