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We are very grateful so many guests have chosen to share their Bandon stories with us. With so many amazing tales of the resort experience, it can be overwhelming on where to start diving deep when getting excited for your trip. Your friends have most likely shared all of their personal stories and where to go to get hyped. All of your favorite follows on social media have shared their Bandon experiences. You've tuned into YouTube at obscene hours watching others play the courses. Whether you already booked your annual trip or you're here to learn everything for the first time we built this page to help you discover the Best of Bandon.

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Short Stories

Some of the most recognizable publications in and outside the game of the golf have shared amazing stories about the resort over the years. Enjoy a few of our favorites here!

A Caddie's Lagacy

Mike Keiser’s legacy in business, golf and philanthropy is nearly unmatched – from creating a greeting card business to opening some of the top golf destinations in America. He traces his success to the lessons he learned while caddying. And now, he’s passing along this legacy to his sons.

Bandon Dunes caddies honor Alan 'Juggy' Heyn

Bandon Dunes Caddies celebrate and honor the life of Alan ‘Juggy’ Heyn, one of the caddies that suddenly passed away last December.

Golf Digest

Mike’s magic touch: Why the Keiser Method works

The man who redefined public golf will go to the ends of the earth, because you will, too

Dream Golf

A Man Named Shoe

Bob Gaspar would become famous for being the face of Bandon Dunes.

New York Times

A Resort Developer Who Puts the Emphasis on Golf

Mike Keiser has become a star in the golf world by putting the sport over vacation homes.

Dream Golf

A Little Off The Top

How a Bandon barber started a 20 year tradition.


Advice from the Architects

How to Approach a Trip to Bandon Dunes


Travel mailbag

How far in advance do I need to book a Bandon Dunes trip?

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Featured Publications

Mike Keiser with Stephen Goodwin

The Nature Of The Game

An avid golfer with a demanding career in the greeting card business, Mike Keiser found a new calling on the authentic links courses of Scotland and Ireland. Seized by the beauty of the landscape and the holes running through it, he determined this was how golf was meant to be: inclusive, not private; played on foot, not riding a cart; the courses natural, neither lavish nor contrived. Vowing to transplant this experience to the States, Keiser left the card business and built a course design firm from the ground up. His first project: Bandon Dunes, a links course in Oregon that has redefined the game here and become a destination for golfers everywhere.

Stephen Goodwin

Dream Golf
The Making of Bandon Dunes

On a wild, windblown bluff high above the Pacific sits one of America’s premier golfing destinations, Bandon Dunes. Golf enthusiast Mike Keiser had the dream of building this British-style “links” course on a stretch of Oregon’s rugged coast, and Dream Golf is the first all-inclusive account of how he turned his passion into a reality.

Tom Doak

The Making of
Pacific Dunes

Tom Doak, the architect of Pacific Dunes, recounts the history of the course, how he and his team routed it and the decisions they made doing so, and other details about the course. The book is full of color pictures of Pacific Dunes, a course ranked in the top 25 in the world located in Bandon, Oregon. If you have played Pacific Dunes – this book will enhance your memories of it. If you are going to play Pacific Dunes, you need this book to heighten your awareness and insight of how to play it.

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Dream Golf

There is no single way to package the Bandon experience. That’s the best part about building a fully curated trip to the Southern Oregon Coast. But if you are looking for somewhere to start, these Dream Golf itineraries might provide some insights to test your current plans against.

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Featured Podcasts

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  • Golf Digest

    2023 America’s 200 Greatest Golf Courses

    #21 – Pacific Dunes
    #40 – Bandon Dunes
    #65 – Bandon Trails
    #72 – Old Macdonald
    #115 – Sheep Ranch

  • Golf Digest

    Best New Course 2020

    Sheep Ranch

  • Golf World

    Best Golf Resorts in the World

    #1 Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

  • Golf Magazine

    2022-2023 Top 100 Courses in the U.S.

    #17 – Pacific Dunes
    #40 – Bandon Trails
    #46 – Bandon Dunes
    #77 – Old Macdonald
    #97 – Sheep Ranch

  • GolfWeek

    2023 Top Resort Golf Courses in the U.S.

    #2 – Pacific Dunes
    #4 – Old Macdonald
    #6 – Bandon Dunes
    #7 – Bandon Trails
    #10 – Sheep Ranch

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