Serving the South Coast of Oregon

Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting communities along the South Coast of Oregon. Our Foundation utilizes the net proceeds from the resort's first short course, Bandon Preserve, and the soon to open, 19-hole short course, Shorty’s. 

Since 2006, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort owner, Mike Keiser, has generously supported organizations that serve the South Coast of Oregon.  These donations and grants came through different avenues – Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, Oregon Community Foundation, as well as Bandon Dunes Golf Resort itself. As the Keiser family’s generosity continued to expand, it became time to streamline all giving, resulting in our new name – Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation. We are excited about this transition our increased impact and stronger connection between the Keiser family, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, and our thriving local community.

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  • Our Vision

    Support a thriving South Coast of Oregon.
  • Our Mission

    Fund projects on the South Coast of Oregon focused on the triple-bottom-line (conservation, community, and economy) with approaches that blend innovative ecological initiatives and economic opportunities as well as projects that encourage healthy and vibrant communities.
  • Funding Priorities

    Projects that promote healthy fish and species habitats, working landscapes and seascapes, sustainable tourism, community collaboration, sustainable businesses, community health and well-being, accessible childcare, education and student scholarships, workforce housing, and local golf programs.
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Who We Are

Our team is comprised of local community members who have joined together around a shared commitment to promote a vibrant economy on the South Coast.

How We Fund

Our focus is to fund community projects on the South Coast of Oregon that are committed to Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation’s mission and priorities. Small and large grants are available throughout the year!

Dream Golf Feature

Golf with Purpose. Every time you play golf at Bandon Preserve and Shorty’s, you’re giving back to the Oregon coast via the Bandon Dunes Charitable Fund.

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Since 2006, we’ve been proud to support hundreds of organizations on the South Coast. Stay tuned here for more updates and features about the great work they are doing.

Washed Ashore

It does not matter what the age group is. Once they’re in the gallery and they see the pieces, it really provokes the mind. I mean, we have a sculpture that has the front end of a car. We have pieces of a hot tub that washed up, and countless bottles, golf balls, shotgun wads, lids, lighters, pieces of buoys, buoy tags, rope. When you see these things on the sculptures—all these things we never think about—it really does generate thought. It provokes mindfulness.

—Katie Dougherty, Executive Director, Washed Ashore

Cunningham Creek Project

“We live in a wonderful, beautiful area that is so rich in natural resources, fish and wildlife species. To foster this appreciation at a young age is certainly an outcome we’re hoping to accomplish and also to show students that if you’re interested in these topics, there are lots of jobs here in your community.”

 — Melaney Dunne, Former Executive Director, Coquille Watershed Association

Gorse Action Group

The Gorse Action Group (GAG) is a coalition of dedicated partners working to minimize the economic and environmental impacts of gorse across a regional scale. The Gorse Action Group’s highest priority is to stop the spread of gorse with specific objectives to prevent new infestations, control source populations, and build capacity for coordinated efforts.

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2023 Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation Annual Report

Read the most recent annual report to learn more about how Bandon Dunes Golf Resort supports communities along the South Coast of Oregon.

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