Caddie Tradition

At Bandon Dunes we believe that the game of golf is best experienced by walking with a caddie - truly, golf as it was meant to be. When you use a caddie, you're helping preserve a tradition 500 years in the making and giving hundreds of people the opportunity to perform their trade.

As a walking-only golf resort, our goal is to enhance your experience through the utilization of caddies. Caddies come to Bandon Dunes with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some are professional caddies from other resorts, private clubs, and professional tours. Additionally, we are proud supporters of the Evans Scholarship program and many of our caddies are Evans Scholars.

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“As Thomas Dunne with Travel and Leisure Magazine wrote, the Bandon Dunes caddie program “should be the blueprint for American resort golf.”

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Assigning Caddies

The Bandon Dunes way is to have your caddie stay with you for all scheduled rounds of your stay unless you choose to make a change. Our goal is for your experience to be enhanced by having a caddie and we welcome your feedback.

Caddie Payments

All caddie fees are to be paid by the guest directly to the caddie. The caddie fee is $100 per bag, per round plus gratuity. If you feel that your caddie experience did not meet your expectations, please notify a caddie supervisor or one of our golf shop professionals.

Double-Bag Caddies

Our caddies are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our mission is to enhance your experience and we have found that our caddies improve the flow of the game for you and your friends when carrying two bags.

Group Caddies

A group caddie works with all golfers in your group without carrying a bag. Different from a forecaddie, our group caddie works with your group rather than walking ahead. He or she will describe the best strategies on each hole for your game, assist with yardages, help around the greens, tending the flagstick and perform other duties required for your enjoyment during the round. The group caddie fee is based on the number of
players in your group.

Four Golfers – $40 per player
Three Golfers – $50 per player
Two Golfers – $60 per player

Top 8 Caddie Questions

The caddie experience at Bandon Dunes is extremely important to us and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our program. We’ve listened to your thoughts and sat down with our caddie master to shine some light on frequently asked “caddie” questions from our guests.

Check out our top 8 questions below!

How to Golf With a Caddie

Plugged In Golf shares some straightforward advice about how to enjoy the experience of taking a caddie.

Dream Golf Feature

Bandon Dunes’ caddies are a staple of the resort’s experience, and for the last six years they’ve represented the resort in the Looper Cup.

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