Bandon Dunes Shorty's


There's no question in Mike Keiser's mind that the latest gem at Bandon Dunes is truly special. Shorty's, the new 19-hole short course—designed by the team of Rod Whitman, Dave Axland, and Keith Cutten—is located between the opening holes of Bandon Trails and the ocean to the west. Paired with a unique routing unlike any other on property, the incredible site winds you through rolling natural dunes and scattered shore pines as far as the eye can see.

Honoring Mike's close friendship with Shorty Dow, the first caretaker and self appointed "governor, mayor, and sheriff" of Bandon Dunes, Shorty's, along with it's neighboring links, Bandon Preserve, will again be a 'course with a mission,' directly funding the Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation's grant-making efforts on the Southern Oregon Coast.

— Mike Keiser

All net proceeds from the new short course will directly fund the Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation supporting conservation, community, and economy on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Course Routing & Scorecard

Strategic design coupled with great contour (whether natural or man-made) is the essence of golf architecture. The only way to create golf courses of remarkable distinction is to allow inherent site characteristics to influence the design.

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  • “It is a privilege to work on a pure links site. It is the perfect setting for the style of course we hope to build.”

    ~ Rod Whitman, Golf Course Architect

  • “We were charged with finding up to 14 holes over outstanding and rumpled dunes. Our first routing resulted in a 12-hole layout. However, after follow up conversations, we decided to try for more holes, on even more dynamic land, to the south. Interestingly, we ended up with 19 holes purely by accident. We believe these holes to be the best the site has to offer.”

    ~ Dave Axland, Golf Course Architect

  • “This will be fun! Fun to build and fun to play. What an honor to work for the Keisers on a piece of ground so ideal for golf.”

    ~ Keith Cutten, Golf Course Architect

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Who Was Shorty Dow?

“On a recent walk reviewing the routing for the new Par 3, I was inspired by my first memory of meeting Shorty Dow. Everyone knows of the vista near 14 tee on Bandon Trails where Shorty first took our group, but he also hiked us along the Ridge Trail to tour a location where I could have a clear view of the dunes that lay underneath all the encroaching gorse. Looking out over the same set of dunes on that recent walk I thought, ‘This is the land that Shorty would want to oversee.” —Mike Keiser

Dream Golf Feature

Dive deeper into the design of Shorty’s with insights
from the WAC design team as well as Mike Keiser.

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