Serving the South Coast of Oregon

Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation is grateful for the Executive and Steering Committee members whose commitment and expertise are invaluable to our work as well as to the South Coast as a whole.

The Steering Committee is comprised of farmers, ranchers, fishermen, outdoor recreation experts, conservationists, non-profit leaders, and local community members who have joined together around a shared commitment to promote a region where healthy ecosystems drive a vibrant economy. Steering Committee members meet regularly to discuss lessons learned, new scientific research, and suggestions from the community that can help guide our work. Both the Executive Committee and Steering Committee provide guidance with respect to the development, implementation, and refinement of our goals, strategic plan, and grant making decisions.

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    Steering Committee

    From left to right:  Mary Wahl, Paula Thompson, Marjorie Crook, Matt Swanson, Wayne Krieger, Carlos Garcia, Mark Grenbemer, Rick Goche, Steve Denney, Al Johnson, Jena Carter, Cam Parry, Marie Simonds.  Not pictured:  Joe Whitworth

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Executive Director

Marie Simonds

Marie Simonds joined Wild Rivers Coast Alliance in 2012 and is currently the Executive Director of the newly formed Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation. Prior to joining WRCA, Marie was the Executive Director of the Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation where she led scholarship fundraising efforts for students while also the SWOCC Head Men’s and Women’s golf coach.

Program and Administrative Assistant

Paula Thompson

Paula Thompson is the newest member to the Bandon Dunes Charitable Foundation team. She has been self-employed since moving to Bandon in 2006 and brings with her a B.S. in Business Management, creative problem solving, and administrative experience. She looks forward to collaborating with south coast organizations.

In Memoriam

Jim Seeley

Jim served as WRCA’s Executive Director from 2012 to the end of 2019. He not only set Mr. Keiser’s vision in motion, he also directed the deployment of over 4.5 million in grant funds.

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