David McLay Kidd Walking Bandon Dunes Before the Final Round of the 120th U.S. Amateur


Listening to David McLay Kidd explain the ideal match-play strategy of each hole at Bandon Dunes is sweeter than a chip-in to save par. It also highlights that there is no ONE way to play links golf — which is exactly why we love it. 

Before the final matches of the 120th U.S. Amateur Championship, the legendary architect of Bandon Dunes shared his insights on what he thought would be a winning strategy on each hole at Bandon Dunes.

Kidd’s verbal tour through Bandon Dunes is not just about the best strategy to play the course. It’s a look inside the links game itself. The strategies. The myriad of choices each hole presents. 

For us at Bandon Dunes, there is no purer joy in golf.

David McLay KiddPhotography by Jeff Marsh

 Play the video below to see every televised shot from the 120th U.S. Amateur Final!

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