Ensuring a great walk is never spoiled


The sun fades over the Pacific Ocean as you relax with friends, enjoying a beverage, and trading memories made over the course of a very long day. After walking 36 of the most beautiful holes most golfers will ever see, you’re inevitably tired but overcome with a sense of joy.

The moments to cherish at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort differ with each Bandonista, but few are as universally satisfying as those following a 36-hole day. It’s a rite of passage, woven into the fabric of what makes this place special. (It’s also a pretty great way to save a bit with our replay rates.)

Of course, no easy journey is ever as gratifying. Walking 36 holes at Bandon Dunes, a journey that can stretch to around 12 miles requires endurance and preparation. In the end, you don’t want to be the player who fades down the stretch or worse yet, quits before the day’s journey is complete. Take if from us, your buddies will never let you hear the end of it.

So what is a Bandonista to do to get ready? Well, it comes down to three things: Preparation, fueling up properly on and off the course, and rest before and after your round.


It’s funny, when taking a big golf trip most any golfer will take the necessary steps to sharpen their golf games. But many will neglect a pre-trip fitness routine. They should not.

More than half of all golfers in a recent USGA study say they opt for a cart if one is available. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that walking 18 holes, much less 36 holes, is hardly standard operating procedure for many golfers.

You don’t have to become a workout warrior to get ready. But before making a trip to Bandon, consider changing your cart habit and walk your rounds. In addition, whether it be a brisk cruise around the neighborhood or some extended time on the treadmill, make a habit of walking as much as you can in the weeks ahead. Simple things like opting for the stairs instead of the elevator at work, or parking at the back of the grocery store lot, can make meaningful contributions to your pre-visit fitness regime.

Trust us, your body and your golf game will thank you once at the resort.

Fueling up

Eating properly is a crucial piece that is often taken for granted by recreational golfers, but not eating right over 36 holes at Bandon can leave you feeling sluggish and your golf game in a heap (or vice versa). After all, a walking golfer burns on average twice as many calories as a golfer riding a cart.

When you play 36, chances are you’re going to have an early start and you will have time between rounds for lunch. Eat a full meal before both rounds, opting for lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, for extra energy. Bandon Dunes has no shortage of restaurants, of course, and both breakfast and lunch options are available at each golf course.

A refuel during each round is typically necessary, too. Be sure to tuck some energy bars, fruit or your favorite snack in your bag from the on-course turnstands. You’ll find quick eats (and your favorite cold beverages, of course) at Bandon Dunes (at the turn), Bandon Trails (accessible on Nos. 7, 8, 10 and11), Pacific Dunes (near No. 4 tee and No. 12 green, with incredible views), Old MacDonald (off No. 7 and 15 greens, and serving the best “snack shack” views in the world), and The Preserve (accessible on Nos. 4, 8, and 11).

And whatever you do, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Proper rest and stretching

On the course, it’s time to exert yourself. But before, during, and after a 36-hole day, golfers should take extra care of their bodies. Stretch and warm up before each round, including the second round of the day, and stretch after the final round. We have all heard of the breakfast and lunch ball off the first tee but don’t rely on them for your warm up session!

After the day is done, enjoy a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage from a certified therapist in our massage center. Bandon Dunes guests have access to our workout facilities, Jacuzzi, and sauna. And a trip to The Labyrinth, a maze intended for walking meditation, will return a golfer to a relaxed state of mind.

Do it all right, and you’ll be ready for another 36 the next day!

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