Looper Cup 2016


The 2nd Annual Looper Cup has come to a close. If you followed last year's Looper Cup, you'd know that Pine Valley squared off against Bandon Dunes in a fun yet competitive match. In an effort to celebrate the successes of these decorated caddie programs we hosted a friendly competition and this year we added Pebble Beach into the mix. Four teams squared off: a Bandon Dunes team, Pine Valley team, Pacific Dunes team and the newly added Pebble Beach team. Each player had to qualify for a spot on their squads. 

Conditions this year were a little up and down, but smiles were ear to ear. 

Bandon Dunes No. 7:

Bandon Dunes No. 5:

Bandon Dunes No. 6

As the last round on Pacific Dunes came to a close, the players shuffled up to Pacific Grill for some grub and to talk about how the event played out. Pacific Dunes No. 18:

While gathering to take the group photo, the clouds broke and lit up the Punchbowl with a fantastic golden light. A wonderful ending that left us all looking forward to next year. In the end, the Bandon team finished on top, but it was the new friendships forged in the spirit of the game that everyone will recall. These loopers had a fun and competitive match and we hope to see them again soon!

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