Sheep Ranch Progress Update: No. 7 - A Meditation


Coore & Crenshaw Drawing

An initial thought. That is how Bill Coore describes his hand-drawn sketches of potential hole designs at the Sheep Ranch. While the illustration above and others to follow aren’t necessarily how the holes at the Sheep Ranch will be polished up, it is these initial thoughts that lay the foundation for his team’s artistry to evolve. And evolution is all about creative freedom. As Coore has described to his associates in the field, “feel absolutely free to deviate from the design at any point you think you see something better.”

How do you think the initial thought sketched on the back of a Bandon Dunes notepad evolved into the hole you’ll soon play? Check the video below for how Hole No. 7 has been shaping up from initial thought to a sandy construction site, to the beautiful par-3 with fescue covering it today.

In Charles Schwab’s golf series “The Challengers,” Bill Coore speaks about his process as a designer and features his initial sketch in this post. Click the image below to watch the director’s cut at!

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