We recently shadowed one of our favorite four legged colleagues to get a unique look at the Pacific Dunes agronomy operation and what makes being the Superintendent's best friend such a pivotal role. At first look, you might assume the position our newest employee feature holds is quite the cushy spot. When we finally got him to sit down with us (yes, it took treats), Billy begged to differ and brought along his official job description to back him up.

Position Title:
Course Dog | Superintendent’s Best Friend

Job Location:
Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Agronomy Department

Reports To:
Marcus Lakey, Assistant Superintendent of Pacific Dunes 

Facility Description:

Pacific Dunes is located just minutes from the quaint town of Bandon by the Sea on the southern coast of Oregon. Designed by Tom Doak, opened in 2001, Pacific Dunes is consistently ranked one of the top-3 public courses in the country. In addition to the world class golf, there is a newly created putting course called the Punchbowl, patterned after the Himalayas putting course at St. Andrews. The clubhouse features a top-100 golf shop as well as the Pacific Grill, a full service restaurant and bar with patio. 

Position Summary:

In this position, you’ll oversee the day to day agronomy activities, working closely with the Assistant Superintendent, as well as other key personnel in the Agronomy Department. As a liaison between the Agronomy staff and the Golf Operation staff, you’ll communicate with various department heads, as well as greenskeepers, to ensure a smooth operation. Only when consulted, your animal expertise will be called upon to resolve any bird (specifically Canadian Geese) or other animal conflicts/issues as needed.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the general activities and driving standards of the agronomy team in the morning as they arrive, as well as when they come back in for lunch.
  • By standing directly in the middle of the doorway, manage the flow of greenskeepers as they move around the lunchroom on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.
  • Analyze body language for both the prospects of possible food items and the potential for a belly rub on a routine basis.
  • Prepare warm sandy spots against various Agronomy buildings to lay down on during sunny afternoons.
  • Approval of various projects by wagging your tail, hanging out your tongue, and by generally inspecting all activities.
  • Assist with the overseeing of general golf course maintenance by riding in a cart, sitting still and avoiding playtime in the sand bunkers.
  • Boost employee moral by not biting or growling and the occasional demonstration of skills, such as balancing biscuits on nose, running wildly around in circles for personal reasons, and returning various items thrown or kicked by staff in random directions.


  • 1-3 years of companion puppy experience.
  • Outstanding communication skills not required, but encouraged.
  • Demonstrated proficiency sitting, riding in carts, and laying on the floor.
  • Helps to have persuasive techniques with department managers to test food items either left carelessly on the floor or placed directly into your mouth at anytime throughout the day. 
  • Advanced proficiency riding in the front passenger seat of a maintenance vehicle preferred.
  • Ability to ignore problems, multitasking, and basically any kind of work in general is required.
  • Must be able to turn around in a circle three times before lying down and sleep unattended for long periods of time.  



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